I often think about how the soccer clubs we follow, love and adore became to be what they are. Many clubs around the world have millions of followers. They develop and buy the best players in the world. And we are willing to play for the entertainment and products they provide, and in the best cases they are the richest organizations in the world.
My curiosity drove me to look into some history to find inspiration and clues on how it was done in the past there for I can use in the present to achieve our goals in the future. Soccer - Football, is such a young sport in the united states. We do have the MLS and the USL which do have a presence in the world of soccer. But can not be compared to other world known leagues such as in countries in European and South America for many reasons. The growth of Soccer in the united states is very challenging due to the competition for market share among other sports like American Football, baseball, etc.
Even though soccer has grown tremendously since that world cup in 1994, we don’t see packed stadiums with routing fans or coverage of the sport on major television net works.
I looked in the history of one soccer club. BOCA JUNIORS, why? because they brand them selves as the peoples club and they are one of the most followed clubs in the world. Their history states that they were formed by 4 young amateur players, which were sons of Italian immigrants more than 100 years ago. One day they decided that they wanted something more than what they had at the time. Their first meeting was on a park somewhere in the city of Buenos Aires. They took their colors from a Sweetish ship that was passing by the ports in Buenos Aires. They became the passion of a working class nationhood, and the icon of a city and a country.
The dream of 4 young man that were willing to take their game and dreams to the next level became one of the most important clubs in the History of world soccer. I believe that their success was due to their humble beginnings and their ability to represent and area that had plenty of potential. They won the hearts of fans one by one, they welcomed new club members and partners in order to help them achieve greatness and give back to the community. As they say: history tends to repeat it self. REVOLVER F.C. is presented with the same challenges that 4 dreamers had more than 100 years ago. We want to take it to the next level, We are open to new members and partners, and we are confident that Central Florida will have it’s Bombonera in the future.