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My Story, Finding a Home with Revolver FC

My Story, Finding a Home with Revolver FC

There I was; sitting on my couch and watching soccer highlights of Barcelona and Argentina icon Lionel Messi making opposing defenders look helpless, leaving goalkeepers baffled, and his own teammates ecstatic. It had been a long while since I had laced up my own boots, and it was in this moment that I realized how much I was itching to play again.

I had recently moved from Tallahassee, FL – the city in which I went to elementary, middle, high school, and college – to the Orlando area, and I was a bit lost. A long-term relationship, the primary reason for my move, had crumbled. I was no longer playing regular soccer like I was in Tallahassee. I had gone from playing two matches and practicing three to four times a week to absolutely nothing. My fitness had dipped tremendously. My touch on the ball was at its worst. I wasn’t close to match form. And, to be frank, I was in bad shape both physically and mentally. I knew I needed to make some changes in my life, quickly, before I turned down a road that I didn’t want to be traveling on.

That’s when I got up from my couch, walked over to my desk, snatched up my laptop, and plopped back down onto my couch. I didn’t really know where to start my search, but I knew it was time. I opened an internet browser, turned towards everyone’s trusty friend Google, and went to work.

The very first result I landed on was immediately appealing. I found an adult soccer club named Revolver FC, and I was in luck, they were offering exactly what I was looking for: a way for me to dip my toes back into the proverbial soccer waters via an 8v8 Coed team, with the possibility of growth into a men’s competitive team, and even the mouthwatering opportunity to travel abroad as a member of a Select team. The club had instantly garnered my attention.

So, I did something that isn’t normal for me. I took a leap of faith. I contacted coach Jaime Byrne and club founder Mario Erazo and expressed my interest in the club. I was well aware of how unfit I was to play at that time, but an 8v8 Coed league seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back out onto the pitch again. To get my feet back under me and reignite my love for the beautiful game. That leap of faith, to this day, has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

I made it out to my new team’s first match…and boy, I wasn’t even ready for 40 minutes of solid play. To put it lightly, I was suffering in all aspects of my game. Fortunately, I met some people that were incredibly supportive of my climb back into soccer, and I’m proud that I’ve established connections through this quaint but incredible 8v8 Coed league team. To this day, I still play with the same people, in the same league, and on the same team, and I cherish every single moment of it. But it didn’t stop there…that was truly only the beginning.

After a few seasons of 8v8 Coed coupled with obsessive personal workouts, I finally found myself closer to match form than I had been in four or five years. I felt great, I had made new friends, and things in my life had truly taken a positive turn. That’s when a tryout invitation was sent my way; one that, should I make the squad, would be traveling to Munich, Germany for an 11-day trip that would see Revolver FC, partnered with GFLSoccer Enterprises, play friendlies against local clubs in Munich. I was simultaneously honored, worried, and excited about the possibility of experiencing cultural immersion in a country where “Fußball” was a haloed part of everyday life, and not just a sport. Not only would there be friendlies, but the team was to be mentored by renowned trainers from FC Bayern Munich, and the team would attend Bundesliga matches and experience the wonderful city of Munich. I had to jump at the chance…and, miraculously, I made the squad (more on the trip to come in the next article).

The Revolver FC boys in Munich.

The Revolver FC boys in Munich.

After returning from Germany, and as I became more and more involved with my teammates and the club, I inquired about the possibility of Revolver FC registering a team in Florida’s oldest and most reputable adult soccer league, the Central Florida Soccer League. The coaches loved the idea, and the wheels were put in motion to start building a roster that could compete with already well-established clubs in the greater Orlando area.

Now, I captain Revolver FC’s men’s team, a recognition that I treasure and appreciate every single day. The team is in the middle of its inaugural season, and I observe monumental improvements in the squad’s playing ability, morale, and talent reach on a day-to-day basis. The quality, both on and off the pitch, that this club attracts is second to none.

I went from sitting on my couch and loathing the lack of soccer in my life, to finding an incredible 8v8 team with a club whose motto is “Good Soccer for Good People,” to finding myself on a flight to Munich, Germany to play against established professionals, to captaining the Revolver FC men’s team here in Orlando. Revolver FC helped me transition from one of the darkest times of my life, into some of the brightest, leaving a trail of memories that I will never forget. I’m astounded by my luck in finding the right people at the right time, but it happened, and it could happen for you too.

Revolver FC’s Alek Pierce and Peter Kennedy enjoying an Orlando City SC match.

Revolver FC’s Alek Pierce and Peter Kennedy enjoying an Orlando City SC match.

When you’re in Orlando Florida check out these Adult Soccer Leagues

When you’re in Orlando Florida check out these Adult Soccer Leagues


The best thing about Orlando is you can play soccer year round and there are many options when it comes to playing soccer in a league.  I will do my best to guide you through the process of deciding which one will fit you best. 

In Orando you prety much can play any night of the week (including sundays), many times the location can be the decision maker, all dough I happen to know players that drive 1.5 hour to get to some leagues (for the love of the game). 

In this guide I will only talk about outdoor leagues that I have personally played in*

The Central Florida Soccer League: This is the largest soccer league in central Florida, with 100's of players ranging from men's open division, men's over 30, 40, 50, women's and COED. The format is 11v11 and for the men's teams all games are played on Sundays. And for the women's league all games are played on Thursday nights.  The location for the teams can change from week to week and they are all over central Florida. 

The 8COED soccer league: This league is located in Winter Park & down town Orlando. A huge number of people choose this league because of its great location. I personally like it because of the great fields and the good level of play. The league is 8v8 COED (5 male & 3 female players at all times) and the level of play varies on specific nights from intermediate to advanced. To check out what nights are open for coed soccer click here.

The sports and social club: This league also has good locations, some nights in Winter Park and some nights in Casselberry. The major difference between the 8coed and this league is the level of play. The sports and social is a beginner to intermediate type of league, which can work for people new to soccer or people trying to get back into soccer.  The format is the same 8v8 (5 male players and 3 female players at all times). Also, another thing to mention is that the fields are smaller in this league. 

I hope this helps when making the decision of where to play soccer in Orlando, FL. If you have questions or want to add to this article, you can do so in the comment area below. 

Until next time. 


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From amateur to professional soccer in Orlando, FL

REVOLVER FC "Central Florida's Adult Soccer Club and League"

There is a new wind coming through Central Florida and it is bringing us a Professional Soccer Team, but is not just another sports franchise.  Orlando City Soccer Club has made a good impression by their eagerness to not only provide sport entertainment but also becoming an active member of the Central Florida Community.

REVOLVER F.C. “Central Florida’s Adult Soccer Club” & Orlando City Soccer Club have formed an affiliation of mutual support for the upcoming season.  I want to invite present and past club members to also take part of this partnership by supporting the growth of soccer in Central Florida, from the amateur to the professional level.

So far Orlando City has played some impressive pre-season matches which show that they are ready to represent our city of Orlando and make an impact in the league. Their first home game will be played at the Citrus Bowl on April 9th 7:30pm Vs. FCNY.

REVOLVER F.C. and Orlando City Soccer have planned a special event for club members, friends, family and you.  I want to invite everyone to join us for the Orlando City home opening game to walk on to the field at half time to be recognized, and see and feel what the pros do. But this is not all, you will also have the privilege to attend our Special Training Sessions on Wednesday April 20th 8:30pm at Red Bug Park, where you can mingle and get advice from the Pros. And before I forget, you also get a FrEsH REVOLVER FC one of a kind T-shirt as a souvenir.  This event has limited space, click here to register today.


From REVOLVER F.C. to College Soccer


When this soccer club was still on the drawing board, one of my major intentions was not only to set the stage for a fun and well organized adult soccer club, but also to assist those with  talent and the desire to excel at the sport. This year the opportunity has arisen for 3 REVOLVER FC players, as they have been officially recruited to compete at the college level. Luis Balasquide, Kane Malone and Sergio Paiva joined REVOLVER FC for the 2011 spring season.  These three players are currently in discussions to make the transition to college soccer this upcoming fall after being scouted from REVOLVER F.C.  

Competing at the college level can be very demanding, since there are other very important factors that complete the whole experience. College soccer players must be able to balance the demands of everyday life, which includes academics, social relationships, training, health, and family.

Most college programs have a fall season which consists of an average of 20 games, in a 5 to 6 week period. This means playing about 3 games per week and traveling long distances, which can take a toll on players physically and mentally. And let’s not forget about training - most programs are allowed to train 6 days per week.

Overall, college can be challenging, but the personal rewards are real. Aside from finishing college and obtaining a degree, there are other very important skills that are developed as a college soccer player such as time management, leadership, ability to work under pressure and be a team player. Also, there are virtues that can develop such as perseverance, dedication and loyalty.

We will continue to be committed to this vision offering soccer playing opportunities at every level of play, from recreational adult soccer to adult development and competitive soccer. To be notified and join our new guest program, click here.

Diego Maradona's Trainer now with REVOLVER F.C.

REVOLVER F.C. & Dr. Marco Ossa have teamed up to bring our club and adult soccer in Central Florida to the next level. Dr. Ossa is a well recognized physical trainer world round. He has helped high profile athletes like Diego Maradona, Juan Sebastian Veron, Evander Holyfield and many others. Dr. Marco Ossa has also worked with Argentina's legendary club Boca Juniors as an athletic and nutritional consultant.

Our club is very proud to have Dr. Marco Ossa as our physical and nutritional trainer. Dr. Ossa will be offering training sessions and seminars to anyone looking to bring their game and athleticism to the next level.

This is an open invitation for soccer players to take advantage of this great opportunity and train like a pro.

As we know, the USL professional team The Puerto Rico Islanders will be having open tryouts March 10th and 11th in Orlando and REVOLVER F.C. will be conducting it's own tryouts for the Fully Sponsored ELITE TEAM at the end of March. Get ready for these events by attending training sessions with Dr. Marco Ossa.

Please register as a guest player to attend this professional training sessions. Click here.


Passion, recession and the business of soccer

"I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves." ~NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustra.

I fell in love with that quote since I read it for the first time in my philosophy class in college, not knowing that it would relate to my life in many ways. I am 29 years of age, with a wife and 2 kids and this is my first recession. Being involved in the financial industry, I saw first-hand all the signs and trends that factor into the downturn of the economy.

Although it seems so hard to get ahead during uncertain times, people tend to overcome and accomplish the extraordinary.  As many businesses are failing and people are losing jobs, there are some who are searching deep within themselves to search for an opportunity. When there are no jobs or opportunities out in the market, we must create our own opportunities. Out of this chaos of uncertainty, we discover our own dancing star – i.e. those things we are good at, things we enjoy doing and can make us money.

I began to grow Revolver Football Club at the head of the recession, and was amazed at how many soccer leagues started to appear all over Orlando and Central Florida, offering 6 Vs 6, 7 Vs 7, COED formats etc.  Intrigued, I began to investigate the cause of this soccer growth phenomenon. Is soccer the passion of many entrepreneurs or is soccer a business that needs to be explored more in depth?

What is the true potential for soccer as a business in Central Florida? My personal opinion is that there is a market for it. I can relate personally, because during these times of high stress and insecurity, I can always take my mind away from it out on the soccer field; it’s like going to a life coach, without the $100 dollar price tag and it’s great for my health. And many people feel the same way; we need balance in our life, and the sport of soccer evens things out for me.

I give all my respect to those individuals that take the risk during these times and get those leagues going because not only do they contribute to the economy but they also help people balance their lives and keep us healthy.

Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding when it is fueled by your passion and desire to succeed. However, we must first possess the know-how to start, manage and grow that business. Many dancing stars have fizzled out much too soon because this know-how was not there.  Soccer can be like business in many ways; if we stop practicing or learning new skills, our abilities will start to decay.  So it is with business - if we stop honing our business and do not continue learning something new every day, our business will decay before our eyes.  So my final recommendation to you is to join Revolver F.C. and come train and play to keep improving your soccer skills.

Can we take soccer in Central Florida to the next level?

Growing up in Central Florida was very easy when it concerned soccer - plenty of youth soccer clubs to choose from, adult soccer organized by the Central Florida Soccer League and pick up games that happen all over town.  In recent years the growth of soccer has experienced exponential growth; you can choose from many leagues to play all over town any day of the week (especially during recession times, I will discus this phenomenon on my next article).  With all this activity regarding soccer I have wondered why the professional level has not been explored by those who know the business of soccer.

After being part of many teams within the Central Florida Soccer League, I have always wondered if there are more opportunities after the premier division?

I started to gather information about the United States Adult Soccer Association which is the governing body of most all adult soccer leagues in the country. As I began to build my adult soccer club REVOLVER F.C. it became clear that we must take advantage of the opportunities that the USASA offers the amateur soccer player. The USASA offers two specific programs of which we want to take full advantage: the National Men’s Open Cup and the Elite Player Development.

According to the USASA website the National Cups Competition is the oldest and most prestigious soccer tournament in the United States for any person who is a member of a team playing in a league of four or more teams affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation and the United States Adult Soccer Association. The competition began in 1914 for the Men’s Open Cup. In 1923, the Men’s Amateur Cup was added; in 1980 the Women’s Amateur and Over 30 Cups were initiated. Each year, some 250 teams across the United States participate in the National Cups Competition.

The Elite Player Program, originally known as the Select Teams Program, identifies players that exhibit skillful qualities with the intent of becoming a part of the USASA National Select Team player pool. Once selected, the player will be showcased in competitions against professional and international teams. The exposure that our elite players may gain by competing against those professional and international teams can result in professional opportunities for those players. In addition to identifying our elite players, the program provides our coaches the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in highly competitive game situations.

As you can see there are opportunities for those players that want to take their passion for soccer to the professional stage. With hard work and the right attitude, I firmly believe that we can take soccer in Orlando and Central Florida to the next level. If you have comments or ideas that can help us please post it or contact us at