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From REVOLVER F.C. to College Soccer


When this soccer club was still on the drawing board, one of my major intentions was not only to set the stage for a fun and well organized adult soccer club, but also to assist those with  talent and the desire to excel at the sport. This year the opportunity has arisen for 3 REVOLVER FC players, as they have been officially recruited to compete at the college level. Luis Balasquide, Kane Malone and Sergio Paiva joined REVOLVER FC for the 2011 spring season.  These three players are currently in discussions to make the transition to college soccer this upcoming fall after being scouted from REVOLVER F.C.  

Competing at the college level can be very demanding, since there are other very important factors that complete the whole experience. College soccer players must be able to balance the demands of everyday life, which includes academics, social relationships, training, health, and family.

Most college programs have a fall season which consists of an average of 20 games, in a 5 to 6 week period. This means playing about 3 games per week and traveling long distances, which can take a toll on players physically and mentally. And let’s not forget about training - most programs are allowed to train 6 days per week.

Overall, college can be challenging, but the personal rewards are real. Aside from finishing college and obtaining a degree, there are other very important skills that are developed as a college soccer player such as time management, leadership, ability to work under pressure and be a team player. Also, there are virtues that can develop such as perseverance, dedication and loyalty.

We will continue to be committed to this vision offering soccer playing opportunities at every level of play, from recreational adult soccer to adult development and competitive soccer. To be notified and join our new guest program, click here.