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Diego Maradona's Trainer now with REVOLVER F.C.

REVOLVER F.C. & Dr. Marco Ossa have teamed up to bring our club and adult soccer in Central Florida to the next level. Dr. Ossa is a well recognized physical trainer world round. He has helped high profile athletes like Diego Maradona, Juan Sebastian Veron, Evander Holyfield and many others. Dr. Marco Ossa has also worked with Argentina's legendary club Boca Juniors as an athletic and nutritional consultant.

Our club is very proud to have Dr. Marco Ossa as our physical and nutritional trainer. Dr. Ossa will be offering training sessions and seminars to anyone looking to bring their game and athleticism to the next level.

This is an open invitation for soccer players to take advantage of this great opportunity and train like a pro.

As we know, the USL professional team The Puerto Rico Islanders will be having open tryouts March 10th and 11th in Orlando and REVOLVER F.C. will be conducting it's own tryouts for the Fully Sponsored ELITE TEAM at the end of March. Get ready for these events by attending training sessions with Dr. Marco Ossa.

Please register as a guest player to attend this professional training sessions. Click here.