I have never felt pain like this in my life and I tough it was the end of my soccer playing days. The pain started gradually on the center of the planting heel area. At first I tough it was a bruise and it will go away. The pain intensified during games, specially at the end of a second half, and I hardly could walk home after the games.

I knew something was wrong when I woke up in the morning and I could not put my foot on the ground. 

Before I called the doctor I decided to do some research and I googled "pain on the heel during soccer" and there it was: "plantar fasciitis" the enemy of young and old soccer players.

The most disturbing thing that I learned was the great number of youth soccer players that suffer from it. There were many explanation on why this happens but in reality no one knows... 

The  solutions I found online ranged from:



But, what I really wanted to find out is why me? What did I do to irritate this area of my foot. 

It came down to the way I was running, you see when this started I turned 30 years old, and eventhought I like to think I am still fit like my college playing days, well I am not.

I do play and exorcise on the regular bases but, I have noticed that I was running on my heels due to loosing flexibility. 

I also discover that  the soccer shoes that I was using were also helping this bad new habbit of running on my heels because they don't offer any heel raise, something that the inserts will do. 

I looked up soccer shoes with heel support and there it was, the NEW Asics have a 10mm heel gradient that shifts center of gravity forward to reduce strain on lower limbs. The answer I was looking for. 

It has been a month since I got these shoes, along with stretching, the heel pain is completely gone. If you want to give the ASICS a try, I recommend to make a gradual transition to this shoes because the 10mm do make a difference when running, you will feel it, specially on your hamstrings.